As a son born to a family of printers and lithographers, Boris Pius Müller came into contact with the typographic arts at an early age: design of and with lettering inevitably became the unifying theme of his life.

After studying Graphic Arts, Müller began working as a freelance typographer and designer in 1990. Among other things, he designs images, signage and corporate fonts for medium-sized companies, cultural institutions and public facilities.

However, his special interest lies in the field of product graphics. For him, the relationship between text and the object reaches its pinnacle in the design of dials.

Boris Pius Müller styles the faces of precision timepieces for SCHEMPP, never falling back on standard designs. From the “big nine” to the “subsidiary second,” nothing is borrowed from existing creations and everything is designed with great attention to detail.

Perfect legibility and a unique character are the features of SCHEMPP aviator’s chronographs that pilots appreciate – both in the cockpit as well as back on the ground.


Boris Pius Müller