Soaring aficionados recognize Martin Schempp (1905-1984) as a legend. After emigrating from Stuttgart to the USA in 1926 at the age of 21, he became thrilled about aviation by a speech given by the Atlantic crosser Charles Lindbergh.
The friendship with Wolf Hirth then led him to soaring, which was still an adventurous undertaking at the time. His American soaring license, No. 23, was signed by Orville Wright. He made many spectacular flights and also a number of ditchings, which made him and soaring known in the USA. He was the eighth person worldwide to receive the Silver C badge for sailplane pilots! Back in Germany, Martin Schempp, together with Wolf Hirth, founded his own aircraft factory in 1935. It was here where the world-famous high-performance sailplane “Minimoa” went into series production as early as that time. Schempp-Hirth in Kirchheim unter Teck is today one of the most renowned sailplane manufacturers and is globally successful with designs such as the Nimbus, Ventus and Discus.



Martin Schempp