AERO 2017 in Friedrichshafen

At the AERO (April 5th to 8th, 2017) we will show our SCHEMPP Aviator Timepieces in hall B5-301 within the exhibition space of the SCHEMPP-HIRTH Company, creator of high performance sailplanes. Mr. Bernd Weber will be pleased to welcome you!





227 neu


The Chronograph Ref. 227 now totally made out of steel

The SCHEMPP Chronograph Ref. 227 is now also available with a black steel bracelet coated with DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) as is the watchcase.





Foto: Rudel



17. Vintage Airplane Meeting
at the Airfield in Kirchheim-Teck (Sept. 6th – 8th , 2013)

Again more than 40.000 enthusiastic onlookers enjoyed the displays of 370 vintage airplanes and gliders on the „Hahnweide Airfield“ in Kirchheim-Teck, Germany.
The “Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth“, the flying club of Kirchheim-Teck, and Hans Puskeiler, the organisator of the supershow, can be proud of the perfect management of this phantastic event.
We were invited by the Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth to exhibit the SCHEMPP Aviator's Chronographs during this airshow. Thank you so much for your hospitality.






AERO 2013 in Friedrichshafen

At the AERO (April 24th to 27th, 2013) we will show our SCHEMPP Aviator Timepieces in hall A1 within the exhibition space of the SCHEMPP-HIRTH Company, creator of high performance sailplanes.
We will be pleased to welcome you!




bild 227dlc_klein


New coating for the black Chronograph Ref. 227

Starting in 2013, we use for our black chronographs the ultra-modern DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating. As implied by the name, the value of this coating accrues from its abilities to provide some of the properties of diamond to the surface of our watchcases: extrem hardness and wear resistance.




Rainer Müller, München


16. Vintage Airplane Meeting
at the Airfield in Kirchheim-Teck (Sept. 2nd – 4th , 2011)

The “Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth”, the flying club of Kirchheim, managed again successfully to bring more than 300 gliders and vintage airplanes to the “Hahnweide Airfield” in Kirchheim-Teck, Germany. The phantastic displays of great pilots were enjoyed by 60,000 onlookers.
The presentation of our Aviator Chronographs attracted many of the visitors and pilots.







AERO 2011 in Friedrichshafen

The AERO 2011 (April, 13.-16.) took place in Friedrichshafen at the Lake Constance. Beside the fascinating high performance gliders of the SCHEMPP-HIRTH Company we showed again our SCHEMPP-Aviator-Timepieces, which found much interest among the pilots.

We want to express our gratitude to Mrs. and Mr. Holighaus of SCHEMPP-HIRTH for the presentation of our watches on their exhibition space.




golden aviator


Introducing the GOLDEN AVIATOR

SCHEMPP-HIRTH, the world famous manufacturer of sailplanes, is celebrating 75 years since incorporation of the company (1935-2010). This event has inspired both myself (Walter Schempp) and Boris Mueller to create the GOLDEN AVIATOR Chronograph, a limited edition of 75 pieces.

The GOLDEN AVIATOR has an extremely fine decorated Swiss Movement ETA/Valjoux 7750. This technical masterpiece of the movement is safely housed in a rosé-gold case.




Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth e.V.


14. Vintage Airplane Meeting
at the Airfield in Kirchheim-Teck (Sept. 7th - 9th , 2007)

Despite unfavorable autumn weather, nearly 300 pilots gathered with more than 400 vintage airplanes and gliders again at the "Hahnweide Airfield" in Kirchheim-Teck, Germany.
The presentation of our new Aviator Chronographs attracted an interesting public.



The Aviator's Chronograph in black is born

The new SCHEMPP Aviator's Chronograph Ref. 277 was launched at the AERO-Show 2007 in Southern Germany and found a lot of admirers among pilots.




Hot competition for exclusive SCHEMPP Aviator Chronograph

Walter Schempp showing the SCHEMPP Aviator Chronograph won by Champion Uli Schwenk in the Gliding Grand Prix 2006





Uli Schwenk, the happy winner of the Gliding Grand Prix 2006, sitting in his Ventus-2a, the 15m-class glider manufactured by Schempp-Hirth in Kirchheim-Teck


20 international top pilots participated in the first German Gliding Grand Prix at the airfield Hahnweide in Kirchheim-Teck from
19. to 27. August 2006.
The Champion of the Grand Prix, Uli Schwenk, received the exclusive SCHEMPP Aviator Chronograph No. 1806 with a goldplated back.



Klaus Lenhart again wins championship title

We congratulate Klaus Lenhart on winning the German aerobatics championship 2006 in the freestyle category of the unlimited class. Klaus Lenhart convinced the jury with the freestyle performance he flew in his famous, bright-red Leki Extra 300.


Klaus Lenhart also wears his SCHEMPP aviator's chronograph in the cockpit of his Leki Extra 300. Both the pilot and the wristwatch stand up well under the extreme loads imposed by aerobatics.


SSA CONVENTION in Arlington, Texas, USA

The SCHEMPP AVIATOR CHRONOGRAPH was represented by the lovely Fey sisters, Milena and Evelyn, at the SSA CONVENTION in Arlington, Texas. February 2nd to the 4th, 2006.


Visitors to the SSA CONVENTION showed great interest in the exhibits at the GERMAN GLIDING ASSOCIATES booth.


IVSM 2005 at Elmira NY from August, 20th  until 27th

End of August 2005 the 3. INTERNATIONAL VINTAGE SAILPLANE MEET took place at Elmira, New York. After the commemoration celebration of the 100th anniversary of Martin Schempp’s birth, Walter Schempp presented his new “Martin Schempp” Aviator Chronograph to the pilot world. One of these chronographs was donated as the first prize of this year’s vintage sailplane meet. Jeff Byard won this award for his perfectly restored Bowlus Baby Albatross. Martin Schempp Jr. and Walter Schempp presented August 27th during the closing ceremony this prize to the content winner.


Giving back the document of Martin Schempp’s first prize
of July 8th, 1934

Since 1930 the National Gliding and Soaring Contest was held at Elmira in Chemung County, New York. Martin Schempp won the first prize for duration during the 5. Annual Gliding and Soaring Contest in the year 1934. The document of this prize was donated by Walter and Martin Schempp Jr. to the NATIONAL SOARING MUSEUM of Elmira on August 26th, 2005.