As aeromodeller and enthusiastic of gliders, I was looking for a pilot/aviator style watch.
Several brands have pilot watches with movement Valjoux 7750.
But when I found your watches, the decision was made immediately.
A great piece.
A beautiful high quality time piece.
Carles A., SPAIN



It's nicer than I expected, a real piece of art!
Bill P., USA



The Chronograph arrived this past Saturday - everything in excellent condition. I quite like the black finish - which I had some reservations about prior to seeing it. It has been an excellent experience doing business with you and I wish you every success with your endeavors.
Gary P., USA



One reason I wanted to buy the watch was the connection it gave me with your father’s company and the memories of my flying days in the Cirrus. I am an Architect by profession and consider the beauty of your father's sailplanes - and your watch designs to be quite extraordinary. I wish you much success.
Gary P., USA


- Hi Walter:
I received my watch today and all I can say is that pictures do not do it justice!
Thank you, thank you.
Happy New Year!
Sam R., USA


- … and thank you for designing and manufacturing such a beautiful high quality time piece.  with the "schempp" name on the watch, one would not expect anything less than the very best!!!  thanks again. 
Dean & Nathan K., USA


  ….have a great week and I appreciate your effort, work and beautiful design skills.
Dale T., USA


  …. nathan enjoys his watch very much;  every time he goes flying he is sure to be wearing it!  infact, many other occasions too he proudly wears the watch and it is very surpriseing how so many other people take notice to the time piece and comment.  on at least two other occasions people has asked " is that one of those special martin schempp watches"?  and neither individual were involved with aviation!
happy landings,
Dean K., USA


  Hello, Mr.Walter. Thank you.
I was first surprised that the wrist watch came out of the splendid box. Then I am made to frolic like a child. Excellent. I was charmed by this wrist watch and opted for purchase. Now, I think that
the reason was found.
Thank you, I appreciate.
With kindest regards,
Kaname T., JAPAN


  Dear Mr Schempp,
I found the package last night at home, and I am wearing the watch right now.
Beautiful. I am very glad. Congratulations for your design.
Also very nicely packaged and presented. I am proud of owning this work of yours.
Very kind regards.


  Hello Walter,
The Schempp chronograph arrived earlier this week in perfect condition.  Thank you for packing it so well.
The watch is beautiful and actually fits my small wrist very well.  I normally wear a 38 mm watch and I was concerned about the 42 mm size of this watch, but it is comfortable to wear and looks normal despite its overall size.
The face is especially well designed and I have always felt that a black face with light hands was ideal for visibility.  The watch is handsome, bold, yet understated.  I like the mix of the stainless steel and the chrome portions.
You are a terrific designer and carry forward the creativity of your father.
Best Regards,
Steve S., USA


  Dear Mr. Walter Schempp
I  have just get a Aviator Chronograph today.
It is nice simple design and elegant.
I love very much it.
I send you picture of watch with me.
I hope to see you some day.
Best Regards.
Yutaka H., JAPAN


  …your watch looks beautiful.  I like its simplistic, clean look.  You did a great job designing it.
Bob M., USA


  Dear Mr. Schempp,
Just received the watch...  Looks great and the presentation is impressive as well.  Thanks again.
Yuri V., USA


  Dear Walter:
Yes, I did receive my watch and I like it very much.  I removed two links from the metal band for the best fit.  Can you tell me a bit more about this watch, who makes the movement, is this your first design, a little bit of history about your company.
Best regards,
Craig S., USA


I just wished to let you know that I received the watch yesterday. I am very pleased with it. I liked it in the ad picture but the real thing is even better!
Bill B., USA


  Hi Walter,
I received the watch today.  It is beautiful, thank you for making such a nice watch.  It was well worth the wait. 
Let me know if you plan on making more watches.  I would be interested in looking at what you design. 
Bruce B., USA