After completing his design studies, Walter Schempp, the son of soaring pioneer Martin Schempp, spent an extended period in Japan and studied the Japanese tea ceremony there. The simplicity and the reduction to the essentials, especially when it came to the traditional implements in the Zen arts, had a strong influence on his sense of form.

Walter Schempp established his company in 1988. His first series were wristwatches of bruyère wood, ebony, cellulose acetate, aluminum and titanium. In the mid-nineties, he created successful models of stainless steel, such as the “Papyrus Watch,” which had a dial designed by Boris Pius Müller; the “Kwadrat Watch” and the “CarisMatic Watch.” This collection was characterized by reduced and clear shapes.

The designers Walter Schempp and Boris Pius Müller are now developing a collection of mechanical watches. The first model is the “Martin Schempp” Aviator Chronograph, produced in an exclusive limited-edition series of 100 units to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Martin Schempp’s birth.


Walter Schempp